Gabriel Clark, Emilio Calabria & Ben Rose: Gabriel Clark, Ben Rose, Emilio Calabria

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Mam Steel & Kyle Champagne: Fuck The Xmas Party; Let's Fuck! Coming Soon

Mam Steel & Kyle Champagne: Fuck The Xmas Party; Let's Fuck!

Mam Steele & Kyle Champagne arrived at the loft to meet up with Marko Lebeau as the guys were heading to MoM's Xmas Party. As fate would have it Marko was running late and the guys decided to do what guys at Men of Montral do... Fuck while waiting for Marko...

Kyle seems determined these days to try a new look, using his hair as his preferred means to do so. We're not sure that his attempts are so succesful, so let us know what you think...

In any event, Kyle was Mam's newest 'victim', if victim there is, when a guy gives up his ass to the dick of death... 10 inches of stiff uncut cock is a welcoming Xmas gift in our opinion, and Kyle didn't seem to disagree. So, no need to make their way to a room, they started making out right in the entrance... Mam delivers big, and once again, Kyle takes it in the mouth... Real good bottom he's become.

Marko should make a habit of arriving late. It always seems that the guys find something to occupy themselves with.

  • Premieres On : 12-23-2014 |
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